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The Deltaformer™ is a proven high dilution former that has been used to produce a wide variety of nonwovens and specialty paper sheets. When using inorganic or organic fibers with long fiber lengths, large volumes of water must be used to disperse the fibers and to keep them from entangling with each other.

The Deltaformer™ is designed to handle long fiber stocks that have to be formed at low consistencies such as nylon, dacron, rayon, orlon, cotton, polypropylene, fiberglass, and abaca.

The Deltaformer™ design features allow for high hydraulic drainage capacities needed to produce a variety of durable and disposable nonwovens from roofing mat to filter membranes, specialty paper grades to refractory materials.

The stock inlet system is custom designed for each application, using CFD modeling, to ensure an even flow distribution across the headbox resulting in a uniform basis weight profile of the sheet.

The Deltaformer™ features a vacuum forming box with multiple compartments, each equipped with an individual system for flow and vacuum control. This permits controlled drainage for the best formation and control of sheet properties.

The wire section of the Deltaformer™ can be cantilevered for easy fabric changing. The wire incline can be fixed in the optimum position for your application, or you may choose an adjustable incline of 15° to 35°. The adjustable angle gives greater flexibility to control formation and sheet squareness particularly for highly diluted stocks running at slow speeds.

Main Features:
  • Inclined wire former - 15° to 35°
  • High Dilution forming up to 600 l/min/cm
  • Can form synthetic fibers up to 38 mm long
  • Machine widths up to 5 meters wide
  • Machine speeds up to 600 m/min
  • Over 40 units delivered

  • Primary grades:
  • Glass mat for roofing
  • Teabag
  • Cigarette papers
  • Auto filter
  • Vacuum dust bag