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The hydroentanglement system can accept a dry or wet formed continuous web. The HET system can be used on a single layer or dual layer web. After the web has been hydroentangled, it can be further treated by pressing, drying, and winding.

Fine water jets directed at the moving web accomplish the hydraulic entanglement of the web. The web is carried on a forming fabric that is supported by vacuum dewatering boxes.

Entanglement occurs when the water jets reposition the fibers in the web into open pattern arrangements. The number of high pressure water jets, size of the water jet orifices, and operating pressure of the water jets can control the degree of fiber processing.

The design of conveying fabric has a great influence on the final sheet properties and appearence. A fine forming fabric will result in close patterned web that is strong and drapable. A coarse forming fabric will result in an open patterned web that will take on the appearance of the forming fabric.

The hydroentanglement process can impart textile-like properties to a nonwoven web (softness, drape and bulk) as well increase the strength and elongation of the web.