For analyzing headboxes, approach piping, and other fluid systems, Glens Falls Interweb, Inc. uses flow modeling software from Fluent. Fluent's unstructured mesh-based CFD software provides a state-of-the-art selection of turbulence closures from two-equation k- models to Reynolds stress models or large eddy simulations.

The two or three-dimensional models are created in Fluent's GAMBIT pre-processor where mesh is generated and boundary conditions are defined.

As depicted in the adjacent windows, a three-dimensional CFD model was developed to calculate the flows in the parabolic tapered manifold and subsequent tube bundle for a new hydraulic headbox. Using results from this model, the effect of the manifold pressure profile and tube entry conditions on the CD uniformity of the exiting flow distribution was calculated.

Fluid flow modeling has been used by GFI for the prediction of:

  • Velocity profiles
  • Flow separation & recirculation
  • Turbulence intensity & energy
  • Secondary flow patterns
  • Pressure drop/loss